Fresh Meltz is India’s first mouth freshener and cleanser strips. Experience instant fresh breath confidence with our uniquely formulated oral hygiene fresh breath strips. It kills the germs that create odour in your mouth leaving behind a clean and fresh breath. These strips melt on your tongue instantly for quick cleansing and freshness. Fresh Meltz … Continue reading Freshmeltz

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HeadzUp, enriched with vital vitamins and minerals that strengthen hair from within as opposed to using topical oils, lotions and shampoos. The nutritional supplement helps prevent further hair fall and greying and promotes healthy hair growth. Biotin in Headzup is a water-soluble vitamin Contains Vitamin B & Vitamin H. Body needs biotin in converting certain … Continue reading Headzup Blog

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Tobacco cessation is not a one-time treatment. It certainly isn’t any disease that can be treated with medication or by any antibiotic. It demands persistence and will power. It is a lifelong condition and hence needs a lifelong maintenance. Quitting smoking is not the end but the beginning of the process. When symptoms such as … Continue reading Nicomeltz Blog