• Oral hygiene & fresh breath strips
  • Fresh & clean breath anytime, anywhere
  • Experience instant fresh breath
  • India’s first mouth freshener and cleanser strips
  • Pack of 15 sugar-free strips
  • Say NO the next cigarette
  • Instamelt nicotine release strip
  • Nico meltz strips are sugar-free
  • Nicotine Polacnilex orally disintegrating strips 2mg
  • Join the 1 million pledges to quit smoking
  • Hair therapy for healthy hair
  • Prevents further hairfall & Greying
  • Building healthy hair
  • Strengthening hair from within
  • Dietary tips for healthy hair


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Fresh Meltz is India’s first mouth freshener and cleanser strips. Experience instant fresh breath confidence with our uniquely formulated oral…

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Headzup Blog

Headzup Blog

HeadzUp, enriched with vital vitamins and minerals that strengthen hair from within as opposed to using topical oils, lotions and…

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Nicomeltz Blog

Nicomeltz Blog

Tobacco cessation is not a one-time treatment. It certainly isn’t any disease that can be treated with medication or by…

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